Disclaimer: MoniMerchant/Agents are not licensed to accept deposit from customers as this will be regarded an illegal business. You are not a bank.  However, you are allowed to make transfers from your own wallet to third party accounts (this is what is regarded as deposit in MoniMerchant term)


1. Who is a MoniMerchant Agent?

A MoniMerchant is someone who is allowed to offer financial services e.g. cash in, cash out, bill payment, airtime recharge etc. on behalf our licensed correspondent banking partner within our agent network.

2. What are the requirements for becoming a MoniMerchant Agent?

-A business Location -Must be able to read and write -Valid ID card -Utility Bill -Passport Photograph

3. What are the benefits of becoming an MoniMerchant Agent?

-Instant settlement on all transactions! No next day settlement. -Agent earns attached commission on every transaction. -Self-wallet management -Loans to boost business -Free POS terminal -We provide you Branding materials for your outlet -Financial Advice -Dedicated Staff Support

4. What is the fee on transactions?

Withdrawals/CashOut: Minimum Charges of N15 and 0.8% on all other transactions Transfers: N50 flat fee on any deposit

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