CreditAssist Investment Limited helps meet its clients’ financial goals, we build wealth by generating income on investments.

The organization gives competitive interest rates on investments, offers flexible tenors and interests, and are payable either upfront or at investment maturity.

Use the SMART INVESTOR CALCULATOR below to generate prospective Return on Investment.


1. How Safe is Our Investment Funds?

Your funds are 100% safe. Investment funds are secured by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission through Meristem Trustees

2. What do you Use my Funds For?

Unlike other investments companies, we do not invest funds only in money markets (Mutual Funds, Treasury bills etc.) alone. Investments are used in bridging financial inclusion gaps. In most rural and peri-urban areas in Nigeria, numerous people do not have access to financial services. Based on CBN publication, A survey conducted in Nigeria in 2008 by a development finance organization, the Enhancing Financial Innovation and Access revealed that about 53.0% of adults were excluded from financial services. The global pursuit of financial inclusion as a vehicle for economic development had a positive effect in Nigeria as the exclusion rate reduced from 53.0 % to 46.3 %. Leveraging on CreditAssist’s MoniMerchant (or Agent Banking) Network in Nigeria, our merchants are able to extend financial services to the unbanked using our tools to carry out CashOut transactions, transfers, bill payment etc. These MoniMerchant tools are made available in partnership with our corresponding banks to agents in target areas.

3. What is the Minimum Investment Sum?

You can invest as low as N200,000 for a minimum period of 30 days.

4. How are Interests Paid?

Interests can be paid upfront or at Investment Maturity

5. How do I start Investing?

Please contact 08104386082 Or Visit our head office at First floor, tambourine house adjacent Ventura Mall, Sango. Ibadan